Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~ randomness ~

Random thoughts and excerpts from books to help my soul...

As you think of your life right now...what are the five or six things you can think of that are closest to your heart, that matter to you most, in no particular order?

  1.  My children (emotional stability, development, happiness, health)
  2.  Laughing - that's the main thing I want out of a relationship... to always be laughing!!
  3.  Friendship - the type of friendship that produces chemistry (even if it's not there sexually).
  4.  Freedom -  Not having every aspect of my life controlled.
  5.  NEVER being a second choice to someone, whether bc of an affair or in an affair.
  6.  Stability - Present and future. 

~ "Something in me snapped.  Gone was the blonde-haried innocent.  Gone was my optimism.  My outlook on life and love had been ruined."
~ "Now, I was this hard, jaded woman.  Away had gone my conservative ways and I had welcomed my inner skank."
~ "Now I have nothing."
~ "...drop them before either of us could get invested emotionally."
~ "The man had changed me that night but I could honestly say I felt fine.  I wasn't heartbroken anymore."
~ "It was just sex...I am a big girl."
~ "This man was cold.  I didn't like him at all."
~ "Actions and words are two different things."
~ "...made me feel dirty and used, like I was the whore on the side."
~ "I quietly thought about how sick I was.  Sick of games.  Sick of cheating.  Sick of men."
~ "My heart was going to fucking hurt after this one but he wouldn't break me.  Been there.  Done that."
~ "I am worth more than what you clearly think I am."
~ "Hi barriers were down and he was mine..."
~ "Why did he insist on pushing me away?"
~ "...his laughter boomed throught the room.  It was music to my ears."

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