Wednesday, June 15, 2016

my drug...

With TJ, things progressed from the euphoric kiss.  We continued to text and spend time together.  He would even call me on occasion during the days he wasn't at work or find an excuse to show up at work just so we could see each other.

We also found different ways to conveniently spend time alone together.  During those times, long hugs would sometimes turn into passionate kissing.  We could spend hours together like that and it only seem as if a few minutes had passed.  We hated to have to end the work day but looked forward to waking up the next day knowing we would soon be together again.  He was all I could think about... he is all I wanted... he became my drug!!  I couldn't get enough of him and he told me too that he felt that our time together was "never enough"!!  
I was sure we both felt the same way about each other. Sometimes I even felt like his feelings might be a little stronger than mine.  Especially when he started with hearts in texts and using the word 'love' a lot.  Honestly, this scared me a little.  I'm not sure why because I was so completely enamored with him that nothing else in my life even mattered.  I guess my gut was trying to tell me something... but my heart had country love songs turned up too loud and just would not listen!!

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