Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Never Say Never...

I did it... I was her... I was the "Other Woman"!!  I always said I would never be "her" and suddenly, without even realizing it was happening, it happened.

Having been cheated on many times in the past by my husband (we'll call him Will), I had a deep hatred for the OW!!  I could never understand how an affair happened or why.  In my eyes the OW was evil and conniving and a deliberate homewrecker!!  Over the past 13 years of marriage, Will has cheated on me numerous times with numerous OW.  Sometimes there was more than one OW at a time!!  But, he always begged me to forgive him and take him back, which I did.  How could I not see the pattern of an affair?!  How could I not know how it would all go!?  I guess I thought my affair was different... I guess I thought he (we'll call him TJ) was different... I guess I thought I was different.  I thought it was real.  But as it turns out, as you'll discover in this blog, it was all a lie.

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